Reflexology is a massage technique which links each organ to a precise point on the hands, feet or head. This specific massage eases pain. Reflexology is not recognised by conventional medicine.

The basic principle of reflexology is to allow the vital energy to circulate freely in the different organs of the body right down to each living cell. If there is a blockage, the patient can feel pain during the manipulation, which is a sign of a crystal deposit in the reflex zone. The massage breaks up the crystals, thus easing the pain and restoring a good energy circulation. The technique consists of massaging certain reflex points, each of which, according to traditional Chinese medicine, correspond to an organ, and gland or a body part.

Widely practised in Asia, reflexology is used particularly for back pain, migraines, arthritis, sleep problems or sport related injuries or general stress. Despite not being recognised by science, reflexology remains a real relaxation method capably of improving the well being of people, and thus their quality of life. By acting on the whole body, reflexology represents a complete massage technique, with numerous benefits. Some healthcare professionals, particularly massage therapists, incorporate it in their practice techniques.