I started studying Chinese massage at the age of 21, for pleasure, and I shortly afterwards I left for Gabon in Africa to study plants, traditional medicines and manual therapies. Several years later I started practicing well being massages in France, for private clients and for spas: les Thermes Marins in Cannes, the spa at the Hotel Metropole in Monaco etc.

Alongside this, I studied human anatomy and physiology, taking private lessons to enrich my practice techniques. I studied particularly with osteopaths and physiotherapists to give a more scientific approach, but also with diverse therapists, whose ethics appealed to me and I found effective. I am constantly taking further training as the study of human beings, the way we function, is a never ending quest that leads us to study the impact and influence the environment can have, and thus nature and the earth, and our relationship with ourselves and others, inside and out.

My objective

One person, one therapy

My first objective is to be efficient and precise. I listen, and use careful judgement in choosing the technique or strategy to apply, depending on whether the case is therapeutic or for well-being.

The effort required will not be the same if the treatment is preventative, and so as part of general upkeep, or curative in the case of an existing problem. And yes, health needs to be maintained just as we clean our teeth each day, without saying 'I'll do it when I have a cavity'. It requires more effort and discipline, as we are not educated to do so from a young age in our culture, but it works the same way.


Adapting in the heart of our profession.

Having worked with sportsmen, yoga adepts, amateurs or experienced clients, my duty is to adapt to the way you are, the way you work.

I am experienced in what I practice. I am also at ease in the luxury sector. Professionalism, seriousness, discretion and availability are my key words. I speak fluent English and I have often worked in this sector with the Bertrand Poncet massage agency via which I have done massages in most of the luxury hotels along the Cote d'Azur, and also in the luxurious villas in St Jean Cap Ferrat and Monaco. I work regularly with hotel or private concierge services.

Key dates

  • 2016 Outstanding Award LQA Hôtel métropole

    Quality label
  • 2013 Arrived in Nice

    I started working in well-being massages in Nice, with a clientele of private individuals and spas: the Thermes Marins in Cannes and the spa of the Metropole Hotel in Monaco.
  • 2008 Started working

    In institutes and with private clients
  • 2006 Initiatory journey to Gabon

    Apprenticeship in the qualities of plants, traditional medicine and manual therapies.
  • 2004 Training

    Chinese massage and the basics of traditional Chinese medicine.


  • Former Therapist hotel Métropole Monaco
  • LQA Outsanding Certification
  • Former Therapist Four season Grand Hotel du Cap
  • French – English for an international clientele